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Sorry, I didn't hear you...

Audiologists can help prevent, diagnose and treat hearing and balance disorders for people of all ages.

Dominic Doherty


  • Office of Hearing Services Accredited

  • No cost services for Pensioners and DVA

  • Medicare rebates for all hearing assessments

  • Adult auditory rehab expertise

  • Tinnitus counselling

  • Needs based hearing technology advice

  • Aid adjustments - air, air/bone, air/speech

  • Bone conduction implants

  • Cochlear implant switch-on

  • Cochlear mapping

Available for appointments:
Monday            8am to 4:30pm
Tuesday           8am to 4:30pm

Appointment types:

Audio Consultation                                    45 mins

Annual Review                                          30 mins

Tinnitus Consultation                                30 mins

Employment Hearing Assessments        30 mins

Hearing Aid Discussion                            30 mins

Noise Plugs - Consultation & Plugs         30 mins

Aid Adjustment                                          30 mins

Bone Conduction Implant follow-up         45 mins


Cochlear Implant Switch-on                      180 mins


Cochlear Mapping                                      45 mins

For more information about hearing products and services, please see the Doherty Hearing website: