Mental Health is more important then most realise. It affects everyday life. It can be caused by many different things and affects everyone individually. It can cause unexplained illness, fatigue, Substance abuse, feelings of numbness and hopelessness.


Psychologists offer a professional ear to listen and help people with everyday concerns to develop skills to cope with difficulties and to prevent on-going issues.

Joanne Hawke

Who am I?

Jo is a well practiced psychologist who has been in her field for many years. She has helped clients from different parts of Queensland but now resides close to Dalby. She has a great repour with younger clients and finds joy in seeing her clients grow and achieve goals and move forward. She aims to create a safe, peaceful and soothing environment to help those struggling with past and more present issues. 

Special interests:

Sand Therapy

Nichole Morrin

Who am I?

Nichi is a passionate and a well trained psychologist. She assists both within the Darling Downs as well as reaching further towards Toowoomba. Nichi offers professional services focusing on finding practical solutions to help her clients. Whether suffering from emotional scars, current stressful situations, abuse in all forms or the struggles of everyday life, she will work closely with people to give the best care possible. 

Special interests:

Available for appointments:
Monday to Thursday           8:30am to 4:30pm
Thursday and Friday           8:30am to 4:30pm

Appointment types:

All ages welcome - Child to elderly

All consults are booked for an hour.

*Any clients under 18 years of age require a guardian/parent consult before the child see's the psychologist.

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