Have you noticed that you or your child are not quite themselves?

Overwhelmed and stressed with a busy home life or workload at the office? 

Finding yourself anxious about big changes or even small everyday tasks?

Have you recently lost a loved one, recovering from a traumatic experience or struggling in a relationship?

Having unexplained and recurrent headaches, stomachaches or is your immune system rundown?

Find yourself numbing your feelings by drinking, using drugs or binge eating?


When it comes to your children, trust your instincts and when it comes to your mental well-being; you deserve to prioritise your happiness. 

Psychologists offer a professional ear to listen and help people with everyday concerns to develop skills to cope with difficulties and to prevent on-going issues.

Johanne Hawke
(Psychologist - specialising in child psychology)


Available for appointments:

Monday - Thursday              8:00am* to 5:00pm

*NB: Dalby Allied Health reception opens from 8.30am,
but Jo can see clients from 8am by appointment.

Appointment Types:

Initial Consultation - 50 mins

Subsequent Consultation - 50 mins

Additional comments:

  • Patients can be see with or without a referral.

  • Can see clients of any age

  • NDIS Registered Provider

  • Home visits available by negotiation

  • If you have a referral and/or a Mental Health Care Plan, please provide us with a copy

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