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Our Services

Physiotherapy, Kirsty Robinson, Dalby Allied Health
Audiology, hearing tests, hearing aids, Dominic Doherty, Dalby Allied Health
Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy, Liz Forbes, Dalby Allied Health
Speech Pathology
Speech Pathology, Belinda Reithmuller, Dalby Allied Health
Dietetics, diet, health, wellbeing, Leah Stjernquist, Dalby Allied Health
Psychology services, adult psychology, child psychology, hypnotherapy, Johanne Hawke, Kathryn Gow, Dalby Allied Health
Pilates group classes
Advanced, Beginner and Intermediate levels available
Dalby Allied Health Gym
Physio Rehab & Hydro Therapy
Physio Rehabilitation & hydrotherapy, Kirsty Robinson, Dalby Allied Health Gym, Dalby Aquatic Centre
Nikki Morrison Yoga
Yoga, Yoga classes, Nikki Morrison, Dalby Allied Health
Diabetes Education
Diabetes Education Consultant
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For bookings please call our friendly staff on 07 4662 0459 or call in and see us at the Myall Health Precinct,
4/37 North Street, Dalby  QLD  4405