Yoga Classes with Nikki Morrison

Yoga provides a relaxing and soothing method of exercise that both strengthens, stretches and relaxes muscles and mind from the pressures of everyday life

Nikki Morrison
(Yoga Instructor)

Who am I?

Nikki offers high quality yoga by combining the intensity of movement with moments of stillness. She is passionate about helping people reach a mindful quietness through focused and mindful movement, relaxation and breathing.

"When life feels busy and noisy, Yoga miraculously brings me home. And suddenly, it is just me and my mat."  ~ Nikki ​


Available Classes:                 

Starting Monday 5th of October


6:00pm - 75 minutes.


9:30am - 60 minutes


5:30am - 60 minutes

What should I bring?

Please bring a towel and a bottle of water with you to all classes

Click here for more information including timetables and how to book or find her on Facebook.

Call us today on: 07 4662 0459

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